Friday, 18 November 2011

A manifesto...

There has to be space on the internet for one more blog.  Perhaps this isn't it - who knows?  But I'm conscious that there is a bit of a niche for celebrating the best of what's going on outside London, and for shining a light on some of the forgotten backwaters of Britain, whether physical, literary or artistic - everything from Slapton Sands to Julian Maclaren-Ross via the Vorticists say, or late 1960s electric folk to Lady Waterford's murals at Ford Village Hall.

After travelling round a good bit of the world, I became conscious that I'd never really got under the skin of my own country, and that maybe that is a problem.  So many people these days seem to understand where they're going, without having the first idea where they have come from.  The Great Western Railway was half right when it said "See your own country first....."

Maybe "see the world, but don't forget what's under your nose" will do for as good an opening statement of intent as any.

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