Tuesday, 28 February 2012

In which I get a short story published...

One of my resolutions at the back end of last year was to really try and push forward with my writing, and to that end I'm forcing myself to enter at least one short story competition a month.  Five Stop Stories is a new app for smartphones/tablets, which aims to introduce new writers to a wider readership through its monthly competitions.  The stories are, as the name would suggest, designed to be read in the time it would take to travel five stops on the Tube.  Anyway, I got an honorary mention in the December entry for for a bit of sub-Wilbur Smith nonsense, with a nod to early Nadine Gordimer (across a wide gulf of competence...)

Anyway, it has now been published and you can, should the mood take you, read it here:


Feel free to like it if you do!


  1. Why is it called "taking the gap"?

  2. Because that's what they're doing - "taking the gap" = 1970s Rhodie slang for doing a runner to (usually but not exclusively) England.